This week let’s… Use a little less salt

EN. Miaus! February is here and I hope you are in the way to meet all your goals and I hope these posts (This week let’s…) are helping you to stay tuned with healthy and better habits to incorporate to your every day routine.

This week the goal is easy to achieve and benefits for our health are great, but it could get tricky because we eat automatically and we are not aware of our bad habits like add salt to our food so the first part is to became aware of your eating habits and pay attention specifically about salt.

Salt is necessary for our body because of the minerals it bring to or system but if in small amount is necessary more than that could make us hold much more than necessary water in our body and modify normal functions in our body, so reduce to the minimum the salt intake in your diet could bring benefits like de-puff and better skin hydration.

Let’s keep motivated to be the best version of yourself!!

Good vibes, love and furry kisses.

ES. Miaus! Febrero ya esta aqui y espero que ya estes en el camino a cumplir tus metas tambien espero que estos posts (This week let’s…) te esten ayudando a mantenerte en la linea de incorporar mejore y saludables habitos a tu rutina de todos los dias.

Esta semana el objetivo es facil de alcanzar y los beneficios para nuestra salud son geniales, pero se puede poner complicado porque comemos en automatico y no estamos conscientes de nuestros malos habitos como agregar sal a nuestra comida por lo que la primer parte es darnos cuenta de nuestros habitos alimenticios y poner atencion especificamente en la sal.

La sal es necesaria para nuestro cuerpo por los minerales que aportan a nuestro sistema pero si bien pequeñas cantidades son necesarias mas de eso puede hacernos retener liquidos mas alla de lo necesario y modificar las funciones normales de nuestro cuerpo, por lo que reducir al minimo la cantidad de sal en nuestra dieta puede traer beneficios como desinflamar y mejorar la hidratacion de la piel.

Mantengamonos motivados para ser la mejor version de ti mism@!!

Buenas vibras, amor y besitos peluditos.

Comida perfecta y deliciosa @tearecs 💜

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Miau ❤

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  1. […] Use a little less salt – I’ve to say this has been not a real change for me… because I already eat minimum of salt, many times I do not even eat salt at all and for most of the food this result on tasting the real flavour of everything, not to mention how good is this for your health, I decided to include it because this has been one of the food issues I see a with friends that add salt to their food even before taste it. […]


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